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Sta- Glow Beauty Bar is a leading provider of skin care, hair care and beauty products. Sta-Glow has been in business since 2018. We have been helping people with their beauty needs for the past 4 years and are growing fast by providing great service, products and support to our customers.

Our goal is to provide the best quality products along with exceptional customer service. We believe that everyone deserves to feel good, look good and have a healthy lifestyle. We strive to provide top notch, natural and healthy products for all skin types.

Our aim is to help everyone appreciate their skin and help them with an relaxing atmosphere we treat eczema, dry skin, pimples, Hyper-pigmentation e.t.c.
We also offer relaxing treatments such as massages, pedicure, sauna treatments e.t.c. We offer real, natural & healthy experiences to our clients is our priority.

sta-glow about

CEO: Sithabile C Ntuli

Sta-Glow Beauty Bar- You Deserve The Glow

To provide attention and advice to our customers with the best quality, with a staff trained in the different areas, oriented to meet all your needs and expectations.

To position our brand as the best option of our clients to achieve optimal attention and care of their bodily needs, with the promotion of a lifestyle where body, mind and spirit go in harmony.

Respect ; Quality ; Customer Service ; Responsibility


Our vision it to continue growing big. At the moment we have 3 branches

Sta Glow Beauty Bar Milton Park Branch

73 Bishop Gaul, Milton Park Branch

1 Portal Highlands Branch

18367 Donald Macdonald, Eastlea Branch